Turning the psychology behind social proof to your advantage

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Review Management

As social beings, we all desire acceptance and tend to be influenced by the actions, opinions, and choices of others. Because of this human mentality, people rarely want to stand out or go against the norm. Social proof can be described as a result of deeply rooted psychological bias. It simply builds trust in people’s minds. 

Human psychology plays an inevitable role in marketing. Relying on the behavior of others is a mental shortcut. We’re supposed to take the behavior of other people as proof and assume that their behavior is correct. The bias plays an important role when customers are uncertain as to what to do in various situations. 

In the past couple of years, social media got the upper hand on this, and it has already dominated the marketing world. Now Let’s check how to utilize this characteristic of humans in a business-friendly way.


Is social proof an emerging marketing tactic? How can it benefit a business? Let’s find out here

What is the psychology behind social proof?


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“Your culture is your brand”

We always tend to purchase from the shop where people are crowded, No one even looks at the shops with no congestion. it’s not a mere coincidence. There is a little science behind this, the science of psychology called social proofing. Social proof is a kind of psychical phenomenon in which people copy the actions of society. Nowadays it is used as a powerful tool by marketers.

Gone are those old days when word of mouth was the only thing for promotion. Social proof is the technological equivalent of word of mouth however on a larger scale. It follows the idea that customers will choose a product or business based on the reviews and opinions of other people. In a marketing context, social proof is evidence that other people have purchased and found value in a product or service offered by a business. By using social proof in your marketing campaigns, you will be speaking directly to a huge mass of people. By showing them the number of people who have purchased your product or used your service as well as their opinion of the item or service, you are grabbing the attention of potential customers.

Is social proof a marketing tactic?


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Humans always have a tendency to fit in with the rest of the mob and that influences our participation and purchasing behaviour in plenty of ways. That’s why Social proof can be considered as the marketing technique of the current generation. The social proof is something pointing to the world, that, how vast the client community we used to have and much more people have purchased our product or that many people support our business.

The number of followers can tell a lot about your organization. Displaying it in front of the public is also an appropriate way to exchange social proof. Because numbers like these are often difficult to verify and easily faked, the effectiveness of this plan of action depends on how much the client trusts the company’s claims.

Trust is the most important constituent that determines the growth and failure of a business. especially for online establishments, because here customer dealing with an unknown dealer from a remote location, not only that the online business dealing with the highly confidential data of the customer like credit card number, debit card number and other bank accounts details, etc. in front of them there is a large number of hurdles to overcome. 

Showing potential customers that a business has many satisfied customers through testimonials and user reviews help to build trust that a business is legitimate and trustworthy. Social proof in marketing can be utilized to enhance authority.

How can you use social proof?

Social proof is a tactic of using existing customers and sales to boost your foundation. Use social proof to show people that others have used your product or service and it works well. This could take the form of the Testimonials, Case studies, blogging, posting, etc. 


One of the most accessible and straightforward ways is to get some social proof on your page is to get testimonials. However, it all depends upon the type of audience and landing page you have. A perfect testimonial would be from someone who is not the part of your brand, preferably an influence. Testimonials are so potent because of their objectivity. 

The testimonial is the most efficient tool for understanding your audience; furthermore, it allows you to know your strengths and weaknesses. Another vital thing to notice about testimonials is that your testimonials must address a particular downside that you understand your audience has. Weak testimonials will hurt your comprehensiveness within the long haul.

Case studies

Case studies are often considered as a tool to provide high authority social proof. That’s why Case studies are always considered as a step ahead of testimonials. Case studies are usually reports of real-life business summaries. 

One of the key reasons several businesses fail to convert is because their potential client simply doesn’t understand if it’s about to work for them. Case studies are nice because here not only showcase your happy shoppers but also you can demonstrate your proof of idea.

Celebrity Endorsements

The actions and the words of celebrities can influence the public more than anything else. Herby a celebrity using a product or service of yours and they promote it on social media or in public. It may be available in two forms – paid endorsements and natural endorsements. This form of social proof can effectively enhance your company’s sales and income. Natural celebrity endorsement is something where an individual publicly endorses your brand at their own will. 

In the case of paid endorsements, you have to pay for their service.

User-generated reviews

While influencers and case studies are doing great, people will always tend to trust the opinion of people who are just like them. Studies indicate that an enormous proportion of consumers examine online reviews before buying a product. Buying something is an emotional call, never a fully logical one. We want to know that other authentic people are liking and buying the same stuff as us.  

The peculiarity that makes this different from other methods is that it is built by people, rather than brands. Most probably, the brands will often share UGC on the company’s social media accounts, website, and other marketing channels.

Social proof in marketing

It is vital to use the scope of social proof varieties in your promoting campaigns. Star ratings, variety of things sold/customers helped, and client reviews all play an oversized role in gaining new customers; but there’s one alternative methodology that some on-line retailers prefer to use.

Consumers trust online reviews the way they trust friends and family. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, four out of 5 customers alter their purchase selections primarily based on negative reviews. 

People take positive reviews and high ratings as social proof a product or service is definitely worth the purchase. Apart from providing social proof for purchasers wanting to create a buying deal call, reviews also enhance social proof in various ways. These online testimonials shape the perception of individuals to see a brand. Moreover, reviews also influence what individuals are supposed to say in the feedback.

Media mentions 

Mark your milestones and showcase them is the best way to tell your customers about your status. It is the best way to show appreciation for your user or follower milestones. This grants your customers a chance to share in your joys. You can share milestones on occasions such as new product introductions, anniversaries, expansion, leadership changes, brand partnerships and/or collaborations, new team additions, key pieces of press coverage, etc.

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Bottom Line

Social proof is not a new phenomenon, From time to time; this has continued to influence our purchasing culture. Here the business-borrowing third-party influences to persuade likely customers. When you develop and plan your marketing strategy, always lookout for ways to leverage social proof. The voice of regular customers can influence others’ attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. While there is no way to control what people say about your business online or offline, you do have the power to change the conversation. Managing client feedback and investing in the right kind of social proof ensures your account for the positive opinions shared by your happiest customers



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