How to sky rocket your site traffic

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Review Management

Do you want to have a lot of visitors on your site every day? Here everyone is in the focus of getting higher conversion rates at any cost. If your online business needs survival, visitor traffic is mandatory.

Creating a site nowadays is not a difficult task in this era of most modern technology. but it’s not an easy task to drive traffic to the destination. 

When it comes to a businessperson, their favourite word is “more” Finding more and more customers for the business is their main motto. Achieving this goal, they have to execute certain strategies to be introduced to engage with old visitors and also introduce new visitors. No matter, your business is small or big, attracting visitors to your site is important to make money out of your business.

Let’s get a quick glance at some of the efficient strategies to increase the site traffic.

How customer reviews pave way for site traffic?

Customer reviews provide your site with a fusion of fresh, relevant scenarios that not only means your site is active but also indicates your relationship with your client or customers is healthy. It’s something about changing things up on your site and implementing various strategies to improve the user experience, and eventually, turn visitors into customers. 

This major SEO goal can stand hand in hand with any other marketing plan. Customer reviews help you organically build up long-tail keywords or specific search phrases. Customers always pay attention to what your current community is doing, posting, and sharing. 

Google currently considers client feedback a valuable measuring factor to analyze a site’s ranking. In this way, user content is the driven element for SEO because it optimizes according to what people are actually searching for, rather than what you think they are searching for.

Website traffic will assist you in:

  •  Examine how well your promotion is functioning
  •  Gather insights concerning your audience to form choices
  •  Improve your SEO and program credibleness
  • Generate a lot of leads, increase conversions, and acquire a lot of customers

Now let’s discuss several other strategies to get traffic to your website

Create a Free Google My Business Listing

As a primary action towards the ranking strategy, you have to establish and verify your local business’ Google My Business (GMB) listing. A well-optimized GMB listing gets more visits than an incomplete one. Google displays results as per the data we feed. Always try to use images to make a feeling in the consumer mind what it’s like to actually be at your business. Also, help the searchers to directly interact with your business from your GMB listing itself. This increases the chances of engagement and acquiring fresh visitors. By using Google My Business, you can get the right visitors coming to your site, and mostly, more of those visitors will turn into customers.

Get Listed in Online Directories

 As per the Google algorithm, If your site was listed on a huge number of online directories then your site must be a pretty amazing one. For many of those sites, your profile can have a link to your website, thus actively changing these listings and obtaining positive reviews is probably going to end in additional website traffic. It’s considered as another way to extend traffic. 

Most probably online directories regarded as an authorized source for finding high quality, trustworthy businesses. by inducing your website listed in free online directories and review sites you can Strengthen Your Reputation. For many of those sites, your profile can have a link to your website, thus actively changing these listings and obtaining positive reviews is probably going to end in additional website traffic.

Getting online reviews

Online reviews play a key role in the success of any business. Because Nearly 9 in 10 consumers regard online reviews as some kind of personal recommendation. Those businesses with the foremost reviews and highest average ratings are going to get additional traffic both digitally and physically than those with only a few reviews. From there, it becomes a self-feeding cycle, as businesses with additional reviews gain additional visibility, which ends in additional pedestrian traffic, which results in additional reviews. Nowadays customers trust businesses based on ratings and reviews.

Schema snippet addition to rank higher


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Schema markup is considered as one of the latest evolution of SEO and least-utilized forms of SEO available in current times. It’s important to know that we are implementing schema markup just for ranking factors. However, it can influence your SEO results very well. 

Although search engines use microdata to help determine the overall relevance of your page, the main role of microdata is to ease the search engines display more valuable data in the search results. Rich snippets provide shoppers with the ability to not only see products relevant to their search queries but also get quick answers to their questions, read reviews, and compare prices all directly from the search engine results page.

Post to Social Media


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Social media offers endless possibilities for the empowerment of business by sharing content through social media. The best time to post on social media is once your target market is most active. You don’t need to spam your followers with a lot of daily postings however creating regular updates can get additional exposure and traffic. 

Social Media Encourages Business to enhance Brand Awareness and Visibility. Your traffic from social media won’t be the maximum amount as you think that unless you retain trends and updates frequently. Business can also utilize the facilities of auto-posting tools, which allow the scheduling and programmed sharing of content on social media networks.

Make Sure that your site is responsive

Website responsiveness is one of the most essential things to guarantee that you implement a grand user experience for users. In the current scenario, browsing on the internet is not done solely on a desktop. Now, everybody has a Smartphone and utilizes them to access the web. Moreover, if your site is not mobile responsive, you’ll definitely lose your visitors. 

So, even if you own a simple website, you still need to ensure that it is accessible and comfortably viewable across a range of devices, including smaller smartphones. Therefore we have to ensure that your website responds and adapts to mobile, tablet, and desktop screen sizes. if there are any responsive problems with your website it’s crucial to update as soon as possible.

Make Sure that your site loads fast

We all are living in a world where time is considered as something precious. no one has a second to waste for anything. Hence, the loading time of your site also decides the future of your site. If your site takes too much loading time, the bounce rate will be high. Always make sure that your website is highly optimized as possible. Compress image file sizes, focus on the page structure, reduce external script calls, etc… The faster your site loads; the better is the visitor engagement.

Utilize Email Marketing


article 6-3


Email marketing should be a must-have tool in your digital marketing strategy. In this era where more than 34% of the people worldwide use email, Email marketing is a great way to raise your site traffic and promote your offers. 

It has been predicted that, a rise of 2.8 billion email users in the next 2 years. Email marketing encourages subscribers to share the content with their circle. consequently, you can form leads from new website visitors along with your existing subscribers.


Bottom Line

Organic search is a huge part of most business website’s performance. When many people say a company is great at what it does, Google wants to match that company to any local consumers seeking the products and services it sells. Such a match benefits consumers, and it also benefits Google because those same consumers will want to come back — feeling the attraction to advertise on the search engine. Search engine optimization proved to be an influential element of driving traffic to a website. Thus, we should conclude which domains have most likely been targeted by the latest algorithm changes and then we have to work on it.



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