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by | Mar 27, 2020 | Review Management

Since you are an entrepreneur or local business owner, you always have a curiosity to know what’s being said about your brand, your product, or service. You will always be on the lookout to encourage more of your supporters to succeed in your brand online.

For local or small businesses, reviews play an influential role because customers constantly tend to read online reviews before visiting a business. Reviews can be treated as the first point of contact for the general public and also potential customers. With a properly managed review system, users can have a clear idea about your business as well as other customers’ ratings and experiences.

Having a good online presence is vital for business growth and long-term sustainability in our technology-based society. As per the records, 90% of the customers read online reviews before visiting a store or buying a product. Moreover, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Now let see the importance of customer reviews and how to turn them as your powerful marketing tool here.

Why is customer review important?

 When it comes to your business’ success, thereby the process of managing online reviews has an important role to play. For the good management and growth of any business, it’s fundamental to know How far you travelled and how far to go, And so on you have to make a chart of your strengths and weaknesses. To make this all go well, as a first crucial step you have to adopt an impeccable review marketing strategy to perform a review and reputation management audit.

Now let’s list out the importance of the customer review system in a detailed way

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Customer reviews affect a company’s brand reputation.

Online reviews are the most powerful pillars of the brand’s reputation. Many review sites rank high on search engines due to their SEO strategy. When someone searches for the name of a particular company with the word “review”, the review sites of that company should be the first results – these reviews are not mere reviews, they are the major factors in building the first impression of a company in the prospect’s mind. At the point of fact, the majority of customers assess the company’s quality with the ratings and negative reviews. Customer reviews can increase or decrease a company’s customer base and revenue.

In this era of twenty-first technology, online consumer reviews are now more valuable than ever. Customer reviews matter a lot, It’s something about intercommunication and the way social proof sway your conversion rates. That’s why companies spend most of their budgets on this purpose. Because they know very well how much review platforms affect their customer community and company income. Consumers often trust consumer reviews more than the information a company gives across their official social media channels and website because they trust other customer’s words rather than the information the company provides.

Customers feel more connected towards the business

When it comes to business the First and foremost rule is creating an emotional attachment with customers because the customer is the one who drives your business. Customers expect businesses to engage with them on social media and elsewhere. Whether it’s replying to a comment, using trendy hashtags, or something else, interacting with your customer base can give people the feeling that you’re more than a faceless business.

Customers want to feel like they have a voice because they would love to show their existence. Responding to reviews is a wonderful way to engage and interact with customers. Customers feel that they are being treated favorably and their feedback is necessary to rectify the faults and move forward.

Can boost employee morale

The customer review is great for marketing your business and boosts employee morale. Boosting employee morale at your company may sound challenging but with the help of review platforms, it becomes quite easier than before. Workforce morale can have a big impact on gross income and the overall performance of the business.

 Employees can do more quality work knowing that they’re contributing to the existence of a product or service that is effective. They’ll care about what they’re doing when they know that many other people care about the product or service that is being offered. Your employees might even use your products or services for themselves. In that case, they could even add their opinion to the rest of the reviews online. It’s important to have employees who are happy with what they do and who they work for. 

Can lead to customer advocacy

Customers believe customers more than they believe companies. Customer’s opinion in the market has more influence than advertising dollars.

Your most loyal customers can become the ambassadors of your brand, using the power of word of mouth to recruit as many people as possible. While 76% of people admit that, they’re more likely to trust content shared by “normal” people than content given by brands

Hereby you have to prompt your satisfied customers to speak about you positively to others. A customer advocacy strategy will increase your sales, improve your reputation, and give you a chance to stand apart from competitors who unwisely ignore such a marketing tactic. A handful of customer advocates can multiply your profits. 

Gives business exposure

Online review platforms give your business a much more comprehensive audience and the chance for exposure. More essentially, the review platform gives you an opportunity to quickly improve a poor review by working on it and show how much you care for them. The online review channels give the kind of mass exposure that you might never be able to yield through traditional marketing platforms.

Online reviews are that they make people aware of the fact that your business exists in the first place. Once they know, they will begin the decision-making process. When they find that you have a high rating and a well-maintained reputation, conversions are most likely to happen. 

Provides scope of improvement

Whatever your industry, creating a positive impression in the digital world helps to take your business into another level, it also renders you with numerous benefits. A huge percentage of people hesitate to believe that businesses will have a lot of negative reviews as much as positive reviews. However, negative reviews should be considered as a scope of improvement.

 If you respond and learn from negative reviews, then you’ll be able to improve and grow. Customers who use your product or service may have constructive feedback to give you that you might not have ever thought of before. This is why it’s important to take a look at all feedback and see if there is an opportunity to make your business the best it can be.

How to utilize online reviews?

Nowadays Online reviews have become ubiquitous and the customers are relying heavily on them to make buying decisions. Customer reviews are only useful if you are utilized correctly for maximum effectiveness and growth. There are numerous means a company utilizes ratings and reviews to their advantage. Not only do authentic reviews provide feedback and insight to companies, but they can also be used as part of other marketing and promotions.

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Getting reviews for the company helps to create a solid online presence. Potential clients and customers are using different platforms to find your business, so it’s important to create the best impression on every platform like Facebook, Yelp, and so on. Utilizing all platforms is important to gain higher online visibility.

Keeping an eye on online reviews gives businesses an abundance of possibilities to enhance publicity and sway possible buyers. Once you get the reviews, it’s important to give appreciation and respond to comments and feedback. Doing this shows potential clients that your business cares about them and their experience even after the service was completed or the product was purchased.

Unfortunately, not all reviews will be positive. No matter how great a business is run, there will be dissatisfied customers. The most efficient method to deal with negative reviews is to stay professional. If the situation gets handled in a better way, ask the customer to edit or update their review, and share the positive outcome.

Reviewing feedback from previous customers is a great way to improve business practices. Comments are especially helpful if they are specific regarding their expertise or mention workers by name. Companies usually pay huge amounts for consumer insight into their companies – reviewers are giving it to you free, so make sure and show them genuine appreciation

How to deal with negative reviews?

 No matter what the business, No matter how careful you execute things; every business will get negative reviews at some point. No business is ideal, everyone has both positive and negative sides. Hence, growing businesses should be prepared to face both negative and positive reviews.

Unfortunately, there are also people out there who complain for no reason – 86% of people tend to hesitate before fixing choices, so it’s important to know how to deal with negative reviews.

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Enhancing Reputation Management

 In these times of the day-to-day changing digital economy, the online reputation of a company is very much important to protect. Owning a good reputation management system means having a good customer interaction system; this helps a business to gain trust effortlessly. Having negative reviews do affect your reputation.

If a person has a bad experience with a business, they tend to share their experience online as quickly as possible. When people have a positive experience where they loved their service or product, they will share that across social media, which will definitely boost your reputation. Always work hard to provide positive experiences to your customers, and implement a review campaign to keep your positive reviews coming in.

 Following are the ways to boost your reputation:

  • Write blogs to build trust in readers
  • Enhance your presence online by showing your presence in every other social media platform so that you can get more reviews.
  • Post positive content on social media websites relating to the company’s achievements and populate them well.
  • Push down negative and defamatory content in search engines.
  • Publicly respond to customer complaints.
  • widen your online presence


Bottom line

The online review is probably the most prominent, mutually beneficial tool for both customers and businesses. Customer reviews are a crucial element of a company’s brand reputation and furthermore, they can have a large effect on their business. Each company needs to be creative and find how their customers’ feedback can be an asset to their business and utilized as a valuable tool.

Online review management is a Never-ending process of Strategic Management of Corporate Reputation, Aligning Image, and Identity. Online review platforms are the way that most customers are finding local businesses. Without utilizing these websites and pages, it’s almost impossible to maintain or grow a business. Gathering reviews are useful if a company can strategically use them to expand their business. Each company needs to be creative and find how their customers’ feedback can be an asset to their business and utilized as a valuable tool.





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