Introducing WP Gratify: The Best WordPress Review Management Plugin!

by | May 27, 2020 | Review Management

If you run a business in 2020, it is very important to have an online review management system. According to Forbes, 90% of customers say that what they decide to buy is influenced by positive online reviews, which makes it essential for any business.

But how do you get more positive online reviews? How will you manage it without reducing time focusing on your business? Even if online reviews is high priority need to boost business, many people consider managing customer reviews as a tedious task.  That is why we put our effort in solving this problem for you. What if  we have system where you can manage reviews for multiple platforms and also make sure more positive reviews reaches the audience?

Introducing WP Gratify – an advanced review management plugin for the most used website platform – WordPress.

Let’s dive in and see how it makes your life easier


Why you need a review management plugin?


Online reviews play an important role in purchase decision of buyers around the globe. Studies say that:

  • 90% of people first check out online reviews before making a purchase
  • 87% of people will use a business which has a rating of 3-5 stars
  • 72% of people will only interact with brands that have positive reviews

So from where should we get the review? and how could we get positive reviews? People tend to post reviews on places they first see a review option and negative reviewers are much faster to make their statement than positive reviewers. Most times we miss a positive review just because we don’t ask.

As a business owner, it is hard to find time for getting reviews on different platforms and run behind clients who haven’t posted the reviews. When you are not focusing on business, customers will not be satisfied and it leads to a bad review which in turn will jeopardize your business.

Then what can we do? A review management plugin. That is the solution for you to get more positive reviews. A good WordPress review plugin will help you get more reviews on website with very little or zero effort.


How WP Gratify helps in getting more online reviews?

wordpress review plugin- online reviews

Is your WordPress website integrated with a review management plugin? If yes, does it help you get more reviews in simple steps, without you asking clients personally? And is it integrated with Google My Business, the largest review platform online?  This is where WP Gratify fits with the right solution for your needs.

The most important features of WP Gratify are:

  • Manage Google My Business features within your WordPress website.
  • Automate review intake process via review invitations, review sharing, review aggregation, and more.
  • Social proofing with notification boxes that help you to show reviews with any theme.
  • Make positive reviewers add their reviews on any other review platform.
  • Review schema which allows google to fetch reviews and ratings for rich snippets.

Manage Google My Business (GMB) From WordPress

wordpress review plugin gmb

Google is the largest business review platform available today and it is fully managed with Google My Business. Today 75% of buyers search online to find a business, and 70% of purchases are made based on what they find in Google. Google My Business helps business owners to manage their online presence across the Google search including maps and places. Google developed Google My Business as a way to make it easier for searchers to get the information they need, quickly and conveniently. Your business’s address, opening hours and contact information will appear in your Google My Business listing, without the need for someone to click through to your website and go looking. All these makes your business get noticed easily across google.

We had often came across people forgetting Google My Business updates while updating their websites and vice-versa.  Even though initial plan was to bring in reviews, we thought to make it easier for our customers by helping them manage important GMB aspects withing their WordPress website.

WP Gratify is the first WordPress review management plugin integrated with Google My Business Management. You can control all the important operations in GMB with WP Gratify Pro from your WordPress website, i.e. Everything can be managed from a single platform.

Connect to Google My Business Management

You can connect Google My Business with WP Gratify with a one click login from settings page. Once connected you could select the business location to be handled by WP Gratify.


Get All the Google Reviews to Your Site

On successful connection to GMB, all reviews on your GMB account will be automatically fetched in your site and you can decide which should be displayed on your site.


Reply to Google Reviews from Review Management Plugin

Responding to customer feedback enhances customer experience and makes customers aware of how their opinion matters to us. You can reply to Google Reviews from WP Gratify.


Updating Business Hours

Business hours are time periods that the particular location is open for business. It Represents a span of time that the business is open, starting on the specified open day/time and closing on the specified close day/time. WP Gratify helps you to update the Business Hours of GMB from your WordPress website. Using a short code, you could display the same on your website. This helps you to manage business hours from one place.


Adding GMB posts

You can add posts to the GMB account anytime while on the WordPress site. The posts could be news updates or events and this will be easily listed on Google search.


Automate Review Intake

wordpress review plugin automate review

“Leave a review” popups can be annoying to the visitors if asked too early and will not be valid if it is too late. Timing is too important while asking for a review. WP Gratify makes users add reviews through a review intake form which can be placed anywhere on the website using a short code or Gutenberg block. WP Gratify Pro helps you to get more reviews in less time by automating review intake and sharing process. Our review invitation feature help to gather reviews by scheduled email work flow.  This process is completely automated and  once the invitation is sent, complete monitoring is done whether the review is done, still pending or cancelled  etc. This process help you gather all types of feedback pretty quick.


Social proof to boost conversions

wordpress-review-plugin-social proof

Social proofing is a psychological behavior where people tend to follow the actions of others assuming their behavior is correct. Social proof enhances the purchase decisions of customers. WP Gratify utilizes social proof as small notification boxes on the website where you can showcase the best reviews of customers. The social proof box is could managed from the WordPress admin, which allows you to control the color, appearance, and more. Social proof is compatible with most of the WordPress themes and displays without issues on website design. These boxes allow you to influence customer decision making in any WordPress page or post.

Get More Reviews Everywhere


More positive reviews on different review platforms will enhance the trust factor. So how will you get more positive reviews to other platforms? Our review intake funnel handles this using review filters and sharing requests. This helps your business get maximum reach

Review Schema: Enhance search results with rich snippets



A schema is a structured information that tells the search engine regarding your page’s content. It can be of great advantage for SEO. You can get enhanced SERP results with schema markup.

WP Gratify Pro helps you deal with various schema which are important to generate review rich snippets on search engines. WP Gratify Pro have options to generate business schema, review schema, rating schema and schema specific to a service category.


More Features That Makes Everything Better



Add Reviews From Everywhere

Gather and showcase customer reviews from any platform on your website. With automated review recommendation, improve your positive reviews on different platform.


Filter The Reviews

Automatically filter reviews and show the best on your website. Let positive reviewers spread the word.


Showcase The Reviews

Not all themes are made with Gutenberg or page builders and not all people are code-savvy. So WP Gratify Pro comes with WordPress shortcodes to easily add forms and review cards to any pages of your site.

WordPress Review Shortcodes

WordPress shortcodes to easily add features of WP Gratify.

Gutenberg Blocks

Wonderful Gutenberg blocks to easily add WP Gratify features.

Review Analytics

A dashboard with basic review analytics to get details on overall review ratings.


Boost Your Reviews with the Right WordPress Review Management System

wordpress review management plugin

As things move digital rapidly, If online customer reviews are managed the right way, you will have a powerful and influential brand. Reviews are indeed a powerful marketing tactics with high influence on customer behavior.
When you use a smart review management plugin like WP Gratify Pro you will get more reviews at different places improving your overall online reputation. This will help you stay ahead of competitions and keep customers happy.

Would you like to boost your online reputation with help of WP Gratify Pro?


If you have already tried WP Gratify then feel free to let us know your feedback. Your creative suggestions & constant support help us to improve our products and services for the future.

We WP gratify go to great lengths to ensure the completeness of our product and the satisfaction of our customers. We are constantly updating our products and features to ensure that we serve our customers with the latest technology and distinctive features. You can expect all this from our latest update, Gratify Version 2.  




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