WP Gratify Shortcode

Review Intake

Using this shortcode add review intake form on frontend.


Review Intake

Using this form anyone can add reviews from frontend.

Review Card

Using this shortcode you can display all reviews on frontend.



Review Card

This shows all reviews ,which are enabled, will shows on single page.

Specific Review

Using this shortcode to display specific reviews on frontend.

[ wp_grv_review_card count=” ” category=” ” orderby=” “]

Specific Review

This shows you can enable specific reviews on the basis of your short code. Using this shortcode you can specify review count, category and orderby. You want to display reviews on ascending order then specify orderby as ASC. If you want descending order then specify orderby  as DESC.

Displaying Business Hours

Use shortcode to display business hours in site. Current day will be highlighted.


Enabling Schema

If schema is enabled for review archive page, your page will be rich snippet enabled.

Schema markup is code, when put on your website will help the search engines return more informative results for users. You can specify the category name to enable schema on specific category, only those reviews available in that category will be displayed.

Use shortcode

[wp_grv_review_card category=” ” schema=”true”]

Single Review Card

You can use shortcode 

[wp_grv_single_review_card id=” ” schema=”true”]

With this, you can display a specific review with the id and if schema is enabled, the rich snippets will be enabled that helps to get higher rank in SERP. You can find the id in single review update page.

Overall Rating

You can use shortcode 

[wp_grv_review_info category=” “] 

This will display the overall client rating among the total number of reviews from the specified category. The same information will be passed as rich snippets to help in getting higher rank in SERP.

Build Trust With User Reviews